Talking jewellery trends

Talking jewellery trends with designer Kristin Weixelbaumer of Black Betty

Local, handcrafted jewellery brand, Black Betty was founded in 2012 by designer Kristin Weixelbaumer. Her story is one born from a lifelong fascination with the symbiosis between natural elements and the human experience.

“We believe in the ethereal notion that precious gems find their owners, and exists to facilitate this magnetism. Jewellery oughtn’t be mere decoration; a slave to style.  When a mutual respect exists between object and wearer, one honours the origin of the material, and its inherent providence. There is a sense of magic in wearing a polished and cherished fragment of the earth on your person.” – Kristin Weixelbaumer

Handcraftsmanship is the cornerstone of their creative process: “we value the essence of humanity inherent in imperfection. Our jewellery is designed with pencils and paper, and brought into existence by the dexterous fingers of artisans in South Africa, India, Indonesia & Sri Lanka.”

Jewellery trends by Kristin Weixelbaumer

Adorn and be adored with these tips from the founder of Black Betty.

Playtime with statement and graphic earrings

  • Mix and match different earring, play with them being asymmetrical
  • Try out some earring jackets: also known as earring enhancers, earring jackets are designed to wrap around or dangle from a simple stud earring.
  • Graphic lines and circles

Unique stones that tell a story

‘There is crack in everything… that is how the light gets in’ – Leonard Cohen

People are looking for something deeper, a story… not just a superficially perfect diamond or piece of jewellery to decorate themselves with. They want something natural, organic, hand-cut and handmade. [P.s just like the two unique Black Betty diamonds we’re giving away in our Mother of all Competitions.]


Stack ‘em all: from earrings and necklaces to pendants, bracelets and rings. Think:

Layered necklaces: A delicate choker, with one or two longer chains, different pendants, which means unique pendants have also made their way back in.
Stacking rings: 
Anchor big, bold statement rings with a good combination of simple and textured bands.
Load up your ears: Add a few more piercings to create your own unique collection and style.

What I love about this, you build on your collection where each piece will have it’s story, then when all combined you are building your own, unique canvas

Crystal healing

This makes me so very happy; crystals are the reason I got into jewellery in the first place, that and the beauty of Polki Diamonds

Miranda Kerr is never apart from her rose quartz; the Olsen sisters gifted a crystal to each guest at their The Row show and Kim Kardashian preaches her love of stones far and wide. Crystal healing is now hitting the catwalks, after some of the biggest jewellery designers of the moment jumped on the trend.

Which stone to choose:

  • First and foremost, follow your instinct. The attraction we feel towards a stone is like lightning: it is an inexplicable attraction towards vibrations that speaks to us on another level.
  • Otherwise go by colour, since it determines the stone’s powers. Different colour stones can balance our emotions through colour correspondence. A red garnet or ruby, for example, helps our basic sense of security using the root chakra. Green or pink speaks to the heart. Turquoise helps us speak our truth.
  • For the indecisive among us, the rock crystal is a safe bet: it is a universal purifier that realigns all the body’s chakras—its also very good to have in your room.

How to wear it:

  • I love it when the crystal has centre stage, weather on a delicate chain (near your throat chakra), or simply set on your finger (the ring finger’s meridian connects you to your heart).
  • Although it is often advised to wear it near the solar plexus, the energetic centre of the body, you can also wear crystals in different places.  I personally put crystals in my pockets depending if I need a little more grounding with Black Onyx, or energising & transformational with Labradorite.
  • Rose Quartz is a good one to keep in your bedroom, by your bed.

How to recharge them:

  • Despite being 100% natural, the energetic effects of stones are not inexhaustible. You have to purify and recharge them regularly: steam them with sage, and/or then leave them in bright sunlight or moonlight. Some stones like music. Or they can be placed next to a plant or in nature.

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