Lasting Leather

Mally Leather Bags founder Marian Nel shares her tips on how to care for leather bags so you can hand them down to your kids.

“Growing up I was obsessed with handbags,” says Marian Nel of Mally Leather Bags. “I still have all my grandmother’s and mom’s handbags I collected as well as handbags still from my childhood, which I have passed on to my two little girls who now wear them when we go shopping or go to church.
“I believe if you look after a handbag it should last you a lifetime and it should tell a story.”

Once purchased all Mally Bags are treated with a leather protector. “The girls love helping us to do this,” says Marian.

Just like her handbags, Marian says she’s planning to pass down her business to her two girls Emily and Sophia when they grow up.

“Yes, they do share their mom’s obsession with handbags.”

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Handbag Care Tips by Mally Leather Bags

When looking after your handbag it’s like looking after your own skin, if you don’t it will dry out and become brittle.

How to protect:

Apply a leather protector to your bag before use to waterproof, preserve and protect it. First test product on bottom of bag before applying. Leather tends to absorb oils and stains due to its natural properties, help protect your bag from this by regularly applying leather protector.

How to condition:

Apply a leather conditioner monthly to prevent your bag from drying out. Apply on soft cloth and rub into bag. Your bag will look new and shiny again.

How to clean:

Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior of your bag; do not wipe stains into bag. Keep bag away from water, should it get wet allow it to air dry, never use a heater. Once dry, apply a quality leather conditioner.

The don’ts

Keep bag away from direct sunlight as fading can occur. Don’t ever stick stickers on your bag. Keep bag away from chemicals, heat and humidity. Do not rest bag against dyed garments to prevent colour transfer.

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