In the bag: tips for choosing the baby bag that’s right for you

It’s a serious commitment…

And we’re not just talking about the baby — rather what you will be slinging over your arm, or pram, every single time you leave the house. So if Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh themed baby bags are not for you, consider:

Quality & Style

This is not a throwaway purchase: you’ll be using this bag for the next two to three years, and if you plan on siblings, then double that time frame. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a good quality baby bag. When it comes to style it’s also pertinent to think about whom all will be using this bag—will dad be carrying it about too? When taking into account: style, quality, durability and gender neutrality, there’s only one material that springs to mind—leather.


Make sure your bag ticks these boxes:

  • It has a changing pad
  • It can fit the handle bar of your pram
  • Pockets for diapers and wet wipes, medical supplies, bottle holders and space for a change of clothes
  • A waterproof, wipe-able interior
  • It’s easy to close—remember you’ll most likely be juggling baby in one arm

We love these options from local, luxury leather brand, Mally Bags

The Mally Leather Baby Bag is well designed with convenience in mind; it has more than enough space for mom and baby, looking like a handbag but the functionality of a baby bag.

The Classic Baby Bag in Black

For the elegant mom who loves being super organised.

See more here

The Baby Backpack in Toffee

Not only progressively stylish, but super useful and convenient too, this bag can be used as both a backpack and a sling bag.

See more here

The Beula Baby Bag in Brown

This baby bag looks like a handbag and is the size of a handbag but has the functionality of a baby bag.

See more here

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