Six Ludwig’s Roses named for treasured mothers

Mothers immortalised in the scent, curve and colour of a bloom—what could be more fitting?

Many of Ludwig’s Roses bear the names of women, is your mother among them? This would make for a beautiful tribute. Another wonderful way to celebrate your mother is to choose a rose that expresses something about her such as, ‘Happy Home’, ‘Beauty from Within’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Joybells’, ‘Mama Africa’, ‘Forever Delight’ and the like.

Among the Ludwig collection are blooms named in honour of specific mothers for various reasons. See our list below.

Six exceptional mothers who have had roses named after them.

‘Albertina Sisulu’

Panarosa Rose

The rose chosen for the late Albertina Sisulu and presented to her as a surprise (towards the end of her life) by her children is creamy white, the colour of purity, humility and constancy. Trained as a nurse she dedicated her life to mothering the nation, caring not only for her own children but for many adopted children as well – in fact anyone she met who was in need. A percentage of the purchase price of each rose will go to the Walter Sisulu Cardiac Centre for Africa, at the Sunninghill Clinic in Johannesburg.


Antico-Moderno Rose

This rose was presented to Annique Theron on the day before her 78th birthday and was chosen as a very special birthday present by her family because of her love of roses; it was her favourite flower. The rose was also named in appreciation for her work in the health and beauty business for 35 years.

‘Hey Jude’

Hybrid Tea Rose

This wonderfully fragrant novelty rose was named after a ‘one in a million mother, wife, sister and friend, Judy Wilson’. This rose is a tribute to an inimitable woman, who was a bedrock to everyone who knew and loved her.

‘Liz McGrath’

Antico Moderno Rose

Liz McGrath was renowned for her “collection’ of five-star Relais and Chateaux hotels in the Western Cape. In appreciation, her daughter and granddaughter dedicated this rose to her, and like the hotels that bear her unique stamp; it radiates elegance, charm and character. Association of South Africa which provides support and care for people in the last phases of incurable illness.

‘Mushe Kirsh’

Antico Moderno Rose

This rose was named in celebration of Mushe Kirsh’s 80th birthday by children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. They chose it, because the rose, like their beloved mother and grandmother, has an ageless beauty and vibrancy. Having fallen in love with her rose, Mushe now gives it away freely to friends and loved ones, a way of sharing her joy of roses.


Fairytale Rose

This rose was named after Sylvia-Joy Sutherland, who suffered from Motor Neuron Disease, and was presented to her by her loving family. In their words:
“‘Sylvia Joy’ Sutherland, a lady who has lived life with grace, joy, love and laughter.  Her journey with Motor Neuron Disease has taken her body but never her spirit.  Her courage and bravery has been exceptional.  Her beauty and laughter ever present.  This rose is a tribute to this beautiful “nature whisperer”, the gracious joy giver who has touched so many hearts.  She is a legend in her own time and always my angel standing by.  My mom, the garden angel, may her “Sylvie-joy” rose blooms forever grace and add joy to gardens everywhere.”

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