Get to grips with hanging plants

With Plantify you can now order plants on green dial…

Well, online in any case. Browse their selection of curated houseplants that come with the option of being delivered in custom-made pots too.

Plantify sources fresh, on-trend plants from local growers and then packages it in their 100% recycled packaging to courier it to your door. Instant greening.

The biggest trend in the houseplant world of late has undoubtedly been hanging plants. Here are three different styles via Plantify rocking walls and ceilings across the country.

Natal Ivy Mossball

This waterwise South African Ivy-like plant actually belongs to the daisy family and will produce yellow flowers over the course of the year. Hand-tied in the classic Japanese Kokedama technique by a skilled Cape Town artisan, the Mossballs are made with water retaining coconut peat mixture and real moss, keeping the roots of the plants moist.

Mounted Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird’s Nest Fern are epiphytes, which means they grow in and on other plants, usually trees. To bring them into your home Plantify mounts them onto a wooden disc.

Vertical Veg Wall Pockets

You can grow your own in whatever space you live. With these handy pockets you can plant ornamental plants for a beautiful green wall in your urban space. Or fresh herbs, vegetables and edible flowers for all your kitchen dreams.

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