Coming up roses

Tips for keeping cut roses looking blooming fresh

One of the very best things about having your own rose garden is being able to fill your home with the beauty of their blooms.

Ludwig Roses advises that tall or shoulder high hybrid tea roses produce the best long-stemmed blooms for cutting: “the advantage of these is that even when a 60cm stem is picked there are still lots of leaves left on the part of the stem that remains on the bush.”

Look out for the hybrid teas called ‘Satin Touch’ roses, which include:
‘Ecstasy’ (red), ‘Ice Queen’ (white), ‘Jeppe Gold’ (golden yellow), ‘Lolly Pop’ (salmon), ‘Patricia Lewis’ (cerise), ‘People’s Princess’ (light pink), ‘Sandra’ (coral/cream), ‘Satin Beauty’(salmon/cream), ‘Sweet Honey’ (yellow).

Many of the best roses for cutting are not fragrant—so here’s a handy trick: include two or three fragrant roses within a vase and you’ll have a beautiful smelling bouquet. Replace them as the scent fades.

Tips for keeping cut roses looking good for longer by Ludwig Roses

  • Blooms can be cut at any time of the day.
  • Put the blooms straight into water to stop air being sucked up in the stem. Trapped air prevents water being drawn up so the rose wilts.
  • When cutting, keep a half-filled bucket of water with you and put the roses straight into the bucket. When enough roses have been picked, fill the bucket with water and put it in a cool, dark place, preferably overnight.
  • Once the stems are saturated with water they can be arranged. Even if the stems are out of water for a while they will stay fresh.
  • To prolong the vase life of roses add three tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of vinegar or one teaspoon of Jik to one litre of water. Sugar dissolves more easily if the water is warm.
  • If shop bought roses have wilted they can be revived by putting them in hot water (40 ˚c) and this drives out the trapped air.

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