Rosé Rules: why pinks are the new world’s hottest wines

Let’s drink rosé all day: 5 reasons to get in the pink

  1. You can drink it young—the fresher the better
  2. You can drink it all day; it goes as beautifully with a sunrise as it does a sunset.
  3. It’s a versatile and food-friendly wine to pair with a meal.
  4. They are generally good quality wines at wallet friendly prices.
  5. You can make this fabulous cocktail: Warwick First Lady Dry Rosé and Musgrave Pink Gin Cocktail.

Our pink pick? The First Lady Dry Rosé 2017 from Warwick Wine Estate—the official wine of Mother’s Day. This pinotage-based rosé was named for Norma Ratcliffe. Norma is the estate’s matriarch as well as its first winemaker; she is often referred to as ‘The First Lady’ as she was one of the first women to make wine in South Africa.