In the Pink: Musgrave Pink Gin meets Warwick First Lady Dry Rosé

A cocktail recipe to make you blush

Warwick First Lady Dry Rosé and Musgrave Pink Gin Cocktail

Musgrave Pink Gin has all the spice and flavour of the original Musgrave Gin 11: rosehips and the infused rosewater just add a distinctly feminine touch to the adventurous spirit of Musgrave.

“From a bygone era to today, the rose is symbol of love and passion. Rose-scented oils still grace festive occasions, and exotic rosewater exalts our food and beauty regimes. Musgrave pink celebrates the flower of love and beauty with the source of the rose, rosehip, which complement Musgrave’s spicy nature.  It is then infused with rose water for its timeless perfume and romance.” – Simone Musgrave

The Recipe:

Makes +/- 5 glasses (250ml)


  • 1/2 Bottle Warwick First Lady dry Rosé
  • 200ml  Musgrave Pink Gin
  • 150 ml Vanilla Syrup (add a little more if you prefer a sweeter cocktail)
  • 100ml Lime Juice – Freshly squeezed limes work best!
  • 400ml Soda water


  • Mix & stir all ingredients in a large jug.
  • Line glasses with ribbons of cucumber
  • Fill Glasses quarter of the way with ice
  • Top up glass with your beautiful summery pink liquid!
  • Garnish with mint (make sure you smash the mint leaves between your palms to release the oil and flavour) and thin wedges of lime.